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a series of vlog conversations with a variety of autistic people, families and professionals hosted by Neil Barbour, Network Associate. Each week we will be posting a new conversation about a relevant topic. We hope these conversations add a new and personal take on the issue. Feel free to contact us at autism.network@strath.ac.uk with suggestions for future conversations.

19.11.2020: Joining Neil in conversation is John McCullagh, Project Lead for the Autism Aware campaign in Glasgow City centre.  Neil talks to John about how the project came about, the benefits of inclusion of autistic individuals views, how Glasgow City Council got buy in from businesses and what the response from the community has been like.  For further details, please click the following link:  Glasgow Aware City Centre



04.11.2020: Joining Neil in conversation is Lynsey Stewart, Team Capacity Builder and Network Co-ordinator at Autism Network Scotland.  Neil talks to Lynsey about Autism and Ageing well and the research they conducted into this topic as well as plans for their forthcoming pilot based on the recommendations made in their report.  Autism and Ageing well is also our November theme for our social media posts.  




27.10.2020:  Re-joining Neil in conversation is David Nicholson, Steering Committee Member, Understanding Autism Programme.  David talks to Neil about how he hopes the Campaign will raise awareness of autism and for autistic people to feel genuinely accepted by people across the whole of society.  To find out more about the Different Minds. One Scotland campaign, please click here: https://differentminds.scot/




07.10.2020:  Joining Neil in conversation is David Nicholson, an autistic musician talks to Neil about his diagnosis and impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on him and the work that he does. 



10.09.2020:  Joining Neil in conversation is Callum McCrosson, National Autism Adviser at The Richmond Fellowship Scotland.  Callum, chats to Neil about his autism diagnosis, Coronavirus and its impact on the autistic community and how better support can be offered.


01.07.2020:  Joining Neil in conversation is Thom Kirkwood, Engagement and Participation Officer at Autism Network Scotland who discusses how his daughter is coping during lockdown having the opportunity to reset, relax and respond to adjusted routines.  


22.06.2020:  Joining Neil in conversation is Corey Clark, a Project SEARCH Strathclyde​ intern, who discusses how he is coping during lockdown, his hobbies and how important keeping in touch with each other is. 

**for those who have not yet seen Avengers: Endgame, this conversation contains spoilers**




15.06.2020:  Joining Neil in conversation is Dorothy Barbour, who discusses Coronavirus and some of the challenges faced being the parent of an autistic individual in helping them adapt.  As well as being a parent, Dorothy is a committee member of Pasda.