Autism and Advocacy

As part of the Scottish Strategy for Autism Outcomes 2018-2021, "the Scottish Government will explore the role of advocacy services in supporting autistic people across Scotland".

Frequently asked questions regarding power of attorney and the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000:  Self- directed support and powers of attorney: FAQ


Advocacy Parental Training Pilot

In association with Renfrewshire Carers Centre, Parents/Autistic Support Group, Thom Kirkwood is delivering an Advocacy Parental Training Pilot.  Renfrewshire Carers Centre has commented that "'we are delighted that the parents are being empowered. Many thanks for choosing Renfrewshire Carers Centre to partner in this pilot'". 


"Your guidance advice for advocating for my son's meeting last week was so helpful and assisted me in getting things in place so thank you very much. It will also make big difference within school for other parents'.

"The parents are really enjoying this training and finding it most empowering. Parents are already trying to work in partnership with the local schools and now have the confidence to do this.  They are growing in confidence every week which is lovely to watch'"


Autism and Advocacy Roundtable

Following on from the successful Autism and Advocacy Collaborative and Business Meeting held in June 2019, Thom Kirkwood and Professor Jean MacLellan are leading the Autism and Advocacy Roundtable, to continue to drive forward the objective of Autism and Advocacy Policy and Practice.