The Transition Workstream proposes to develop an Autism App Transition Passport specifically designed to enable and support smooth transitions for individuals on the autism spectrum. The App will also be suitable for building a profile information page for service users to assist in sharing key information about themselves, for example to facilitate a hospital stay, or ensure they are as prepared as possible for an interview or a meeting.


At the first stage, the App will initially be developed on an Android platform, by a student studying Software Engineering at the University of Stirling and it is planned that it will be completed by the end of 2015.  The second stage of development will begin in 2016, during which developers propose to add a database, to assist further in supporting and gathering of information on service users and their experience with transition.


The features we plan to incorporate at Stage 1 are:


  • Choose your skin: The design of the passport will be selected by the user to take into account gender, age, and individual preferences. This will be achieved by selecting a design out of a set of 5 possible options, varying in their colour schemes, fonts, and sizes of fonts. Developers have selected a range of colours and tones that are thought to be more autism friendly.
  • The content of the passport will also be selected by the user, from a set of possible options to cover all possible transition needs. There will also be an automatic selection made by the App based on the age of the user but the user can also create his own lists/ content.
  • There is a “Read Back” option.
  • Images, pictures and voice recordings can be uploaded into the person’s profile.
  • Symbols can be used to assist communication where appropriate.
  • There is a number of check lists to help individuals, their families and carers to be as prepared as possible for a range of transition stages and meetings, such as job interviews or medical check-ups.
  • There will be an option to select a number of 5 key areas to create, print and share a shorter “executive summary” version of the passport.
  • There will be options to share by e-mail (pdf version) and print.



People involved

Craig Docherty: Third year student of Software Engineering at the University of Stirling, Third Year, Lead Development Stirling University Computer Club

Daniel Gibbs Third year student of Software Engineering at the University of Stirling, Secretary Stirling University Computer Club

Fiona First year student of Software Engineering at the University of Stirling, Member of Stirling University Computer Club

Transition Workstream of Autism Strategy for Stirling and Clackmannanshire


Intellectual property

Joined ownership IP agreement.