Autism Network Scotland facilitates an Asperger’s Forum. Adults meet on a regular basis at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow city centre, with members travelling from across Scotland to attend. A key aim of the Asperger’s Forum is to raise awareness of various issues identified by the group members and ultimately, to contribute to policy development.

In 2011 Autism Network Scotland and Members of the Asperger’s Forum published the document An Ordinary Life – Perspectives on living life to the full. Needs, rights and aspirations of people with Asperger’s. This was written by Forum members along with contributions from their invitees from Edinburgh and the Lothian Asperger’s Society, the Autism Rights Group Highland and associated professionals. An Ordinary Life aims to contribute to a wider understanding of inclusion-exclusion issues for people on the spectrum. The document outlines a range of relevant topics, which have been generated through personal experience and group discussion.

Members of the Asperger’s Forum were most recently involved in presenting workshops at the Adult Autism Health and Wellbeing Conference in May 2012 in collaboration with associated professionals. Members also took part in the question and answer panel session at the conference, which provided a positive platform for delegates to ask key questions and discuss current issues.

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