This month, in association with Autism Network Scotland, the Scottish Women’s Autism Network (SWAN) is delighted to announce the launch of its first information flier: A Guide for Health Professionals Working with Women with Autism.

SWAN was established in August of 2012. It aims to raise awareness of how autism affects females, challenging entrenched misconceptions such as autism being a male-only condition and any perceptions of autism as having one-shape-or-size.

SWAN is working to gather and disseminate relevant information and improve access to practical, effective sources of help and support; areas include relational issues, safety, life management advice, housing, employment or finance.

These aims dovetail its goal of providing mutual support and encouragement to the female community living with autism. SWAN is seeking to build a relational framework and sense of community between women on the spectrum. SWAN is currently a fledgling organisation hoping to stretch its wings in time, with a wider remit, bigger membership and increased resources.

SWAN would highly appreciate any constructive feedback on this first venture!

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