The Scottish Book Trust is a national organisation based in Edinburgh which promotes literature, reading and writing across the country. Scottish Book Trust (SBT) works with and for a range of audiences, including babies and parents, children and young people, teachers and learning professionals, writers and publishers. The SBT website contains a wealth of information, resources and links. Another key feature of the site is their booklists. They have a variety of suggested reading lists on different themes and topics for adults, teens and kids. These lists generally feature around 10 selected texts.

Autism Network Scotland has linked with the Scottish Book Trust to develop Autism theme lists for their Kids and Teen Sections. A recent blog post on the Scottish Book Trust’s website, co-authored by Autism Network Scotland, announced the launch of the lists and asks the question, “Has autism been served well by children’s fiction?

The full lists can be found on the Scottish Book Trust website by age group: 8-11, teens