Autism Network Scotland is widely recognised as a hub of direction to services for people affected by ASD and as a means of providing information, sharing advice and emotional support. It is seen to be unique and at the leading edge of inter-professional development in this field as there is no known similar autism specific network within Europe.

The Scottish Strategy for Autism, 2011



Autism Network Scotland connects and communicates with those interested in the field of autism. We are a signpost for autism professionals and practitioners, people with autism, their families and carers toward examples of good practice, resources and useful information.

  • We are funded by the Scottish Government and a vehicle in the implementation of the Scottish Strategy for Autism.
  • We are hosted by the University of Strathclyde.
  • We are the facilitators of An Ordinary Life: the Needs, Rights and Aspirations of People with Asperger’s, and of the AS Forum.


Autism Network Scotland aims:

  • To be a hub of impartial and reliable information about autism services across Scotland
  • To identify gaps in service delivery and information to people with autism and their families and carers
  • To signpost professionals, individuals on the autism spectrum and their families and carers to the range of services available at both a local and national level
  • To facilitate professional networks across Scotland to support knowledge exchange and promote awareness of autism
  • To provide a platform to discuss current research and share good practice in the field of autism
  • To develop networking opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum
  • To support better communication between people with autism and local and central government
  • To support the Autism Strategy through membership of the Strategy Sub-Groups and information sharing

Highlighting and disseminating good practice is essential for sustained and meaningful progress on an equitable basis across Scotland. We need to have an understanding of what kinds of projects and support meet the particular needs of this client group and have proven to give good outcomes… as other agencies can benefit from the experience of those who set up and work on these projects. This kind of information should be disseminated throughout the rest of the country for all agencies to learn from the experience.

The Scottish Strategy for Autism, 2011