Autism: Life in Colour is now in Glasgow!

View it at the DNA Gallery, 12-16 South Frederick Street, Glasgow, G1 1HJ.  Open Daily. Free Admission.


Read more about the Glasgow Autism:Life in Colour launch event.

Learn more about the project below.




Autism Initiatives launch “Autism: Life in Colour” for World Autism Awareness Day


Autism Initiatives has received funding from the Scottish Government for an exciting new project which Autism Network Scotland are supporting.

We are aiming to capture the views of people with autism about their lives by inviting them to submit 2 images (or video clips) all taken on the same day:


April 2nd 2013 – World Autism Awareness Day


To provide a visual representation of the Government’s Autism Mapping Project which aims to gain an understanding of what life is like for people with autism throughout Scotland. The project will add to this understanding directly through the eyes of the person with autism.


This will be unique in its accessibility and breadth of contribution from across the autism spectrum and the geographic and age span of the country.


What we are looking for


On April 2nd this year, we would like you to take 2 pictures (or short video clips) and submit them via the project website, which will be available very soon. The website will have all the submission details and also the details of authorisation to use the images you submit.


The two images should capture the following:


  1. “What’s the best thing about today?”
  2. “What’s the worst thing about today?”


The best thing about your day – this could be something you like doing, your favourite food, place or activity. (If possible we would like to have some pictures with you in it). In short we want to see a picture of the best thing about your day.


For the worst thing about your day, we would like to see the thing in your day you would like to change. It could be something you don’t like doing, eating and thinking about.


Frequently Asked Questions


How should the Photos and Videos be submitted?


We will be making the technical requirements of submissions clear on the website as soon as it is launched.


What  will we do with the images?


We will use a selection of your pictures and videos in a number of different projects:


  • Photos- a display of meaningful images to support the final Mapping Project report and the outcomes (conference, launch events etc.)
  • Video – a video will be edited from the video clips received. This will then be available to view on the website
  • Website – set up to host the above video and exhibition but will also be used to display a much greater number of images and video clips.
  • Exhibition – ‘The Gallery on the Corner’ – Scotland’s Autism Art Gallery will develop and host a photography exhibition of the best 24 photographs. This exhibition would then be moved around the country in 6-8 different venues during the subsequent 6 months
  • A hard copy or a book (or calendar) of the best images will be produced and sold with proceeds going towards the Gallery on the Corner. (A free copy will be given to the photographers of the images used)
  • An analysis of the themes of images submitted will provide some fascinating insights into what people with autism actually think – thus supporting the work of the Mapping project
  • There may be other ways in which we use the images that evolve from this project


How can I participate?


From 3rd April for a couple of weeks participants will be able to upload their images to the project website. Full details on how to participate will be available on this website, the Autism Initiatives website and on the project website very soon.


Do I have to be a photographer to take part? 


You don’t have to be a good or keen photographer. Lots of people have phones with cameras


We want to receive as many images as possible from as many people as possible.


Do photographs have to be in colour?


Black and White images as well as colour are welcomed.


Be Creative!


As well as images of exciting activities we want to see as wide a range of images as possible so be creative.

We encourage families and staff supporting people with autism across the spectrum to support people to participate so that we get as wide a range of people participating as possible. We want images from people with autism of all ages and abilities from Shetland to Stranraer.


We look forward to seeing your submissions!