A Case of Co-ordination

On Monday 18th March, Autism Network Scotland worked with the Mapping Project to present the first of a series of Learning Events, aimed at gathering opinions and experiences of people working to improve the lives of people with autism around the country.

The National Autism Mapping Project aims to deliver a map of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) services throughout Scotland provided by local authorities, health boards and charity providers. The gathering of this information is part of the first phase of the project and will provide a service map of each local authority area. The information gathered will contribute to the national final report to be submitted to the Minister for Public Health, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA)’s Health and Wellbeing spokesperson and the Scottish Government’s ASD Reference Group.

This event is about hearing what is happening across different parts of Scotland and the UK and to consider their relevance to the Scottish Landscape and implementation of the Scottish Autism Strategy.


Elizabeth Catterson, National Autism Mapping Project Manager

To open the day, Liz Catterson welcomed delegates and delivered an outline of what attendees could expect from the event.

Following this introduction, speakers based around the UK presented their experiences of different models of service co-ordination. Videos of each of these presentations and their accompanying PowerPoint displays can be found below:


Annette Pyle

Policy Manager Care and Support Team, Adult Care and Support Division

The Scottish Government

Annette Pyle outlined the nature of the partnerships involved in supporting the Scottish Strategy for Autism and the aims of the day. The event offers an opportunity to examine, discuss and learn about different models of autism co-ordination from around the UK. Sharing opinions and experiences of autism co-ordination can help inform the practical implications of replicating models across Scotland. The models accepted for future development around the country must bring practical improvements to the lives of people with autism.

The presentation Annette refers to during this video can be found here: Annette Pyle – Outline for Co-ordination – The Scottish Government


Johanna Manikiza

ASD National Strategic Co-ordinator, Social Services Improvement Agency, Wales

The ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales was launched in 2008 and has resulted in a range of activities and initiatives as Jo discusses in detail. This national model of co-ordination offers an opportunity to see what could develop in Scotland in the years to come.

The presentation Johanna refers to during her video can be found here: Johanna Manikiza Glasgow March 2013


Angela Henderson

Head of Policy and Performance, Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability

Angela Henderson of the SCLD discusses the Local Area Co-ordination model of autism co-ordination. The model is based in the belief that the inclusion of people with autism or learning disability in society is of benefit to society as a whole and to the individuals themselves. LACs support people by directing them toward available support in their area and by identifying gaps in service provision that resources might be directed toward in future.

The presentation that Angela refers to during her presentation can be found here: SCLD Local Area Co-ordination Presentation


Chris Austin

Liverpool Asperger’s Team Manager

Chris Austin is the Manager of the Liverpool Asperger’s Team, an example of a multi-agency team that pre-dates national autism strategies. This team provides assistance, emotional support and counselling to people in crisis and information to people newly diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. They also provide training for carers and helps in the creation of a person-centred plan for individuals.

The presentation Chris refers to during her presentation can be found here: The Liverpool Asperger Team Glasgow 2013


Stella MacDonald

ASD Co-ordinator, Fife Council

As ASD Co-ordinator based within Fife Council for the previous 5 years, Stella MacDonald provides information and support to people with autism across the region. The ASD Co-ordinator role builds upon working relationships and works alongside families and service providers toward assisting people on the autism spectrum toward self-sufficiency.

The presentation that accompanies Stella’s video can be found here: Stella MacDonald – ASD Co-ordinator, Fife Council Presentation.