The Moray Council, in co-production with the Social Work Training Team in Moray, have developed a detailed and personal autism awareness programme. The Moray Autism Awareness Training Team (MAATT) aims to ensure autism is better understood and valued by services, employers and the Moray community.

The project aims are to raise awareness of autism, recruit and train the most experienced people to deliver the training – people living with autism. A team of trainers deliver two training sessions per week on average to a wide ranging audience from public, voluntary and private sectors, as well as the wider Moray community. Since January 2013 over 700 people in Moray have attended, and the MAATT reports that the evaluations have been “extremely positive.”

A notable feature of the project is that the MAATT that delivers autism specific training in co-production with the experts – individuals living with autism, who are paid members of the team. They believe delivering training and developing skills will increase the likelihood of further employment opportunities to individuals with autism. They further believe that sharing knowledge with all sectors and the wider community of Moray will enhance and benefit the people of Moray.

Moray offers this learning and development opportunity to anyone who wants to learn more about autism.  The project’s aim is that people with autism will be less marginalised, more understood and valued for their contribution to the Moray community. They aim to build on the success of the general awareness training and are currently developing further, more advanced levels of training that can meet the demands of services and service users within Moray. The project aims to “skill up” the area’s workforce in order to continue to provide the best possible outcomes for service users.

For more information about the Moray Autism Awareness Training Team (MAATT), please contact Emma Sharpe, Autism Training Facilitator by email.