The Menu of Interventions is a guide to interventions and supports for people on the autism spectrum, published by The Scottish Government in 2013, as part of The Scottish Strategy for Autism. It provides information regarding the challenges faced by people with autism, and suggests the types of services that might address these issues.  It does not include a list of specific service providers.

Throughout 2014, a series of roadshows were held throughout Scotland to gather information on specific local services available.  The information has been compiled and organised on a series of web pages, linked below. All resources on the National Resources and Local Resources pages are listed alphabetically: first, those from the large national organisations; and then those from all other organisations.  Please note that the information contained in these pages was provided by community members, parents, carers, practitioners, and people on the spectrum.  We do not endorse any particular service or provider, and intend for these pages to act as signposts towards finding the resources that are needed in communities throughout Scotland.

For each of the 14 “challenges” we collected information about the following:

  • Specific relevant links
  • Specific relevant strategies
  • Specific relevant documents
If you would like to contribute to the information linked below, please email Autism Network Scotland.


Menu of Interventions National and Local Resource Pages

National Resources

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Argyll and Bute


Dumfries and Galloway








Scottish Borders



Western Isles