Health and Wellbeing for Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum took place on October 28, 2015 at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. The conference was presented by Autism Network Scotland (ANS) and the Scottish Women with Autism Network (SWAN). This was the second event for women and girls on the autism spectrum; the first was held in April 2015.

The conference was a unique opportunity for women on the spectrum to network with each other and learn about health and wellbeing. The day was a mix of informative presentations and interactive workshops.

Below you will find videos and presentations from the day. To view the PowerPoint presentations that were used, click on the title of the presentation.

Welcome and Introduction – Dr Catriona Stewart (SWAN)


Health and Wellbeing for Girls and Teens – Alis Rowe (The Curly Hair Project)

  • Alis delivered her presentation via video conference. She has written a summary of her presentation which can be read by clicking here.
  • Please visit her website for a host of resources.

Women on the “Menu” – Dr Jane Neil-MacLachlan


Peer Support and Friendships – Lynne Moffat (SWAN)


Relationships and Sexual Health – Corrie McLean (Family Planning Association)


Healthcare Experiences – Dr Catriona Stewart (SWAN)


Summary – Dr Catriona Stewart (SWAN)