Tuesday 25th April 2017 and  Tuesday 2nd May 2017


What is it about?

The training will focus on understanding emotional & behavioural challenges through a free Advice and Intensive Support Service


Who’s it for?

Positive Pathways Scotland is for parents and carers of children and young people with autism (age 5 to 18).


What’s on offer?

  • 2 free training sessions with a focus on understanding emotional and behavioural challenges
  • A small number of 1:1 sessions with a behavioural therapist  and follow up consultation phone calls throughout the year
  • a range of e-learning resources and tools


For more information and to request application forms, return envelopes or flyers please contact Laura Andrew by:

Telephone:   0141 779 6365 or by

Email:   pps@trfs.org.uk