In February 2007, in one of those bombshell moments, one of Debi Brown’s friends casually suggested that she might be autistic.  A short time late, Debi got a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome that was to change her life.

Deciding that it was better to learn about her diagnosis than deny it, she set about researching Asperger Syndrome and Autism with a passion and has not looked back since.  She found to her surprise that she already knew quite a few people on the spectrum and she soon met many more.  Contrary to the stereotype of autistic people being aloof and unsociable, she found a warmth, genuineness and purity of soul that is hard to find in the majority of the population.

Having found the most useful help in books written by other people on the spectrum, Debi has now written her own book, which includes stories, examples, discussions of various autism theories, an explanation of sensory differences and information about the interventions she has found to make a significant difference to her life and to the lives of others on the spectrum.

Debi’s first book is called Are you eating an orange? and details on how to buy a copy can be viewed here. In December of last year Debi’s second book “The Aspie Girl’s Guide to Being Safe with Men” was published.

The Aspie Girl’s Guide to Being Safe with Men

Aspie girls and women are incredibly vulnerable to having bad sexual experiences with men.

This is true for those pursuing dating and sexual relationships, but equally true for those who have no intention of doing this. This is also true for bright, capable and extremely high-functioning girls and women. These are very little-known facts and I want people to know them……

This invaluable book  gives hope and comfort together with a level of vulnerable honesty, clarity and useful, practical detail, the combination of which may not be found elsewhere. To read the full detail on this book click here.

This book is priced at £12.99 and available from  Jessica Kingsley publications and on Amazon.