Information for Parents & Carers with a child or young person recently diagnosed with autism

  – A useful and informative information booklet for parents and carers with a child or  young person recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder has been created by NHS Education for Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government.

– The booklet contains information about the diagnosis, autism, what family members can do to help, approaches and interventions, financial help and information and resources


The Autism Toolbox

  – The Autism Toolbox includes information from research and practical experience  that is easy to understand and apply in the classroom, playground and home. It is essential reading for teachers who have a child with autism in their class.

– The Autism Toolbox was commissioned by the Support for Learning Division of the Schools Directorate, Scottish Government, as an outcome of the work of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Education Working Group which was convened following the publication of the HM Inspectorate Report into Autism and the National Autistic Society’s ‘make school make sense’ campaign.

– The Autism Toolbox is currently being developed into an interactive online resource by Scottish Autism.

– The content of the C.D. rom which accompanied The Toolbox can be accessed here.



SIGN – Autism Spectrum Disorders – Booklet for Young People

This booklet is for young people who may have autism.The booklet explains:


– What is autism


-How it is diagnosed;and


-What can help.


This booklet is for young people but you may like to read it with a parent or another adult who can help if there are parts that you don’t understand.


This booklet is the 2012 reprinted version based on a clinical guideline issued to all NHS staff. The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) developed this 2007 guideline.


Wiseman (2006) Could It Be Autism? A Parent’s Guide to the First Signs and Next Steps

Nancy Wiseman is the founder and president of First Signs, the organisation dedicated to educating parents, clinicians, and physicians on the early identification of and intervention for developmental delays. Emphasising warning signs, she describes the most important milestones at each stage of a child’s growth. The book explains the steps parents can take to confirm or rule out a developmental delay or disorder. It details various diagnoses and shows how in some cases multiple diagnoses may apply. It also offers information on how to design and implement the best intervention plan based on a child’s unique developmental profile.

Wiseman, N. (2006). Could It Be Autism? A Parent’s Guide to the First Signs and Next Steps. New York: Broadway Books.