Business Meeting and Development Workshop

The Autism Strategy Collaborative’s Business Meeting and Development Workshop was held on April 29, 2015 at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Presentations from the day and a detailed summary of the day’s events are posted below.

Presentation – Janine Robinson, NHS Education Scotland 

Presentation – Tom Wightman, PASDA

Presentation – Risk Management Workshop

Presentation – Sharing Best Practice Workshop

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National Autism Co-ordination Project’s second Collaborative event focuses on complex care

NACP Donald and panelFollowing on the success of their first event in January, the National Autism Co-ordination Project (NACP) held a second event for local leads working on autism plans and strategies. On April 29, leads from local authorities and NHS joined up at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, for an Autism Strategy Collaborative Business Meeting and Development Workshop. The Collaborative, established at the January meeting, represents a commitment from local authorities across Scotland to the formation of a “community of practice”, sharing best practice and working together to overcome common challenges occurring nationwide.

Based on feedback from the first event, the April meeting focused on complex care and out-of-area placements. The morning’s presentations started with the current picture, with Donald Macleod, NACP Project Manager, providing an update on the progress on local autism strategies and plans across Scotland. Janine Robinson of NHS Education for Scotland (NES) provided an update on the NES Autism Training Framework and provided information on the new NES Autism Training Plan, which provides a more structured way for providers to determine training needs and then locate appropriate training courses to help them upskill as required. Finally, Peter McDonnell, Aberdeen City Council, showed a video about “making engagement work”, which highlighted the struggles and successes of children with autism and their families in Aberdeen, and how joint working can lead to better service provision. Three of the mums involved in the film attended the event.

NACP lunchThe day then shifted focus towards the development of collaborative solutions, with Professor Jean MacLellan, National Lead Co-ordinator, presenting on the current picture of out-of-area placements in Scotland. This was followed by Tom Wightman, PASDA, whose adult son with autism is currently living out-of-area. Tom’s presentation gave a parent’s perspective on complex care, which highlighted both difficulties and successes in out of area placements and focused on the importance of person-centred plans and “dignity and respect for all”.

The afternoon workshops focused on three different aspects of complex care: Finance and Resources, Risk Management, and Sharing Best Practice. Every delegate attended all three workshops in rotation and had the opportunity to hear how some areas have found creative solutions to these issues.

During the wrap up at the end of the day, it was noted that people are starting to feel “joined up” and that the Collaborative is key in accessing creative solutions to complicated issues in local authorities across Scotland. One attendee noted it was “great to discuss in-depth, interdisciplinary processes in each of our own localities.” Another said “Tom [Wightman’s] story was particularly thought-provoking.” Finally, the event was summarised by an attendee who noted there were “excellent workshops all round, and a wealth of experience, particularly in Risk Management.”