The Menu of Interventions was drawn up by a multi-agency group including parents and carers and aims to provide a guide to interventions and supports required by people on the autism spectrum. The Menu highlights some of the challenges faced by people on the autism spectrum, across the lifespan and ability range, and identifies what an individual might need to support such challenges. It has been created in line with recommendations 10 and 11 of the Scottish Strategy for Autism.

Click here to access the Menu of Interventions.

Following on from the event in Glasgow on 8th May, we are hosting a range of Autism in Practice events across the country, which aim to support communities to implement the Menu of Interventions and to make the document meaningful and useful. This will also be an opportunity to find out more about which resources are available locally. The information gathered will be posted on the Autism Network Website for easy access and sharing information across the whole of Scotland.