On Monday 5th October 2015, Autism Network Scotland’s Autism & Employment Network hosted its third annual event at the University of Strathclyde.

The event looked at the employment process, through finding and getting a job, starting in a new job, and support once in work from the perspectives of people on the autism spectrum, services that support them, and employers. Attendees also heard about the recent work of Autism Network Scotland’s Employment Network, and watched the videos they have filmed.

The event saw the launch of the brand new Autism & Employment Network website, with the site being introduced by Richard Ibbotson of Autism Initiatives and ANS advisor Annie Watson.

Other presentations on the day included Jo Loudon of the department of Human Resources at the University of Strathclyde, who offered an HR perspective on the recruitment of people on the autism spectrum.

David Breslin, a public speaker with Asperger’s Syndrome, offered his own personal perspective on finding work. You can find out more about David’s work at his website, www.speakingliterally.com.

Richard & AnnieRichard Ibbotson detailed experiences of people on the autism spectrum in relation to job advertising, applications, interview and selection processes.

ANS advisor Lynsey Stewart presented on transitions and the workplace, which included discussion of the findings of the recent series of events, Exploring Transitions: Digging Deeper. You can read the final report on this series of events here.

David Bain of IntoWork and Callum, a service user of IntoWork’s programmes, offered their presentation on a service provider and service user’s experiences of starting a new job.

Andrew Horseman of the Number 6 One Stop Shop shared the experiences of a number of their service users in Edinburgh.

Afternoon workshops were based around discussing different case studies, and what advice should be given to an autistic person, an employer/HR worker and a person/service providing support to individuals at different stages of the employment process. These workshops were facilitated by members of the Autism Network Scotland Employment Network.

reasonable adjustmentsPresentations:

HR Perspective on the Recruitment Process – Jo Loudon (University of Strathclyde)

Experiences of getting into Employment – Richard Ibbotson (Autism Initiatives)

Transitions and the Workplace – Lynsey Stewart (Autism Network Scotland)

Support in Work: Viewpoints from a Service Provider and a Service User – Andrew Horseman (Number 6 One Stop Shop)

Autism Network Scotland Employment Network Update – Richard Ibbotson (Autism Initiatives) and Annie Watson (Autism Network Scotland)