This link is to a complete list of Services that provide diagnostic assessment of Autism in adults and children.


To create this document the following steps were taken:


  • Services were sourced from the current outdated ASD directory, professional networks (health, education and voluntary sector), Information Services Division Scotland (ISD), Scottish Government Child and Adult Departments, eSAY, and a web search.
  • Lists from each source were combined with duplicate services identified and removed; this led to a total of 164 distinct services that potentially provided diagnostic assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Each service was individually contacted by the Autism ACHIEVE Alliance to determine whether they provide diagnostic assessment of ASD. Of the 164 services, 5% had non operational contact details.
  • Initially 94 services identified themselves as providing a diagnostic assessment of ASD; 30 adult services and 64 children’s services.
  • In phase 2 of our work (2013) two further adult services were identified.
  • This list contains the contact details for the 96 services that provide a diagnostic assessment of ASD.


The AAA have also published Autism Spectrum Disorders: Waiting for Assessment – Executive Summary in August 2014.