The Autism ACHIEVE Alliance (AAA) published its Executive Summary on ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders: Waiting for Assessment’ on 6 August 2014.


The Autism ACHIEVE Alliance (AAA) is a Scottish Government funded multi-disciplinary collaboration between Queen Margaret University, NHS Lothian, and University of Edinburgh. The Autism ACHIEVE Alliance (AAA) was asked to investigate waiting times in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as per the Scottish Strategy for Autism Recommendation 21:


It is recommended that an assessment of national waiting lists is undertaken to clarify the extent of delays and that the ASD Reference Group considers and responds to these findings’.


AAA were asked to not only establish the extent of delays, but to find out what is causing them and what can be done to address this at a national level, so that there is a consistent, sustainable approach across Scotland. In addition, this research was designed to be able to contribute information to other Scottish Strategy for Autism recommendations, including Recommendations 22, 23, 24 and 25.


AAA were asked to work with adult service to support them to reduce their waits.


You can read the Executive Summary here.


Autism ACHIEVE Alliance have also published a complete list of Services that provide diagnostic assessment of Autism in adults and children.