Naoki Higashida shows a theme continuing for aspies to be child authors. Each victory for young aspies’ voice for themselves is a searing pain for all whose childhoods were enslaved by arrogant schoolteachers. I was a child author, lucky that 2 local newspaper stories recorded it, but my chance to complete a child authored work was destroyed by a life wrecking homework pressure.

The child, and adult continued, emotional abuse is obviously made more massive by being unknown to the luckier kids’ audiences. Also involved in destroying me was a psychiatrist who is a published author himself, fear of whose potential treatment powers silenced me about him for 28 years. Media and autism organisations have done a savage depth of child cruelty each time they have knowingly chosen not to announce that wronged child authors exist when they promoted child authored books. This is an ethical duty every time. But before we had ANS, our voice had no means to chase this up. This proves urgently how every country needs its own ANS.

For adults, contributing to compilation books such as the series by Luke Beardon and Dean Worton, uncertainties create anxiety when contributions already accepted get switched book and wait for years. Each country needs its own ANS as a check to ensure all writings accepted for compilations can never be ratted on, to keep impossible the unimaginable crime upon vulnerability this would be for any contributor with a wronged child author history.

What of adult unpublishability actually about dangerous school methods? Publishers always knew that if they all choose caution against defamation even when content is evidenced, and say no, children remain endangered. A good fast reader, with this baggage how can I ever casually enjoy any book?