The full programme for this fourth in the series of seminars can be seen here: Action on Autism Research Seminar 4 – Programme

Day 1 – 9th June 2014

Opening Remarks from Prof. Aline-Wendy Dunlop and Prof. Tommy McKay



Dame Stephanie Shirley, The Shirley Foundation



Seminar 1 – 3 Scottish Researchers: Short Presentations. Chaired by Dr Jackie Ravet


Dr. Catriona Stewart
“Experiences of girls with Asperger’s syndrome/ASC and anxiety: Where can we be what we are?”

2. Barbara Dritschel
“Knowing me knowing you: Do individuals with autistic spectrum disorders have a theory of their own mind?”

Video to follow.



3. Carolyn Brown and Shirley Paterson
“The contribution of educational psychologists to the identification, assessment and diagnosis of autism: a Scottish perspective.”



Professor Tony Attwood
“Continuity of education for people on the Spectrum: strengthening the relationship of research to practice to the benefit of people with autism.”

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Day 2 – Tuesday 10th June 2014

Opening remarks from Professor Tommy MacKay.



Dr Justin Williams, University of Aberdeen
“Autism and the Science of Social Learning: from Scanner to Stage”



Seminar 2 – 3 Scottish Researchers Short Presentations.
Chaired by Professor Aline-Wendy Dunlop
1. Dr Evelyn McGregor
“Fact or fiction: Narrative-related interests, behaviours and skills in children with autism”



2. Dr Jackie Ravet
“Interprofessional Education in Autism: What Difference Does It Make to Professional Development, Workplace Practice and Individuals on the Autism Spectrum?”

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3. Jayne Porter and Moira Park
“From Guidance to Use: taking the Autism Toolbox, a resource for Scottish schools, onto the web.”

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Professor Tommy MacKay
“A fresh look at prevalence and cognitive ability: The implications for education and the autism spectrum in Scotland (Drawing from the Scottish Government funded Microsegmentation Project for Lifelong Autism Education)”



Impact Seminar – “What next in Autism Research?”
Professor Tony Charman



Dr Arlene Cassidy



Professor Tommy MacKay



Chair and Key Speakers
What is the message for Scotland in Policy, for Research and for collaboration?

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