DAY 1  – 28th April

Social Research, Interventions and Impact
Opening remarks – Jean MacLellan and Professor Tommy MacKay
Opening Remarks video


Professor Gary Mesibov, University of North Carolina
“My Mantras: What I have learned in 40 Years Working with People
with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their Families”

Prof. Gary Mesibov video


Dr Mike McCreadie, Clinical Consultant, Studio 3
“Stress and Autism: improving service delivery through better
understanding of the stress transaction”

Dr. Mike McCreadie video


Scottish Researchers
1. Dr Anna Robinson, University of Strathclyde
“Emotion-Focused Group Therapy: can it enhance
emotional processing?”
2. Dr James Richards, Heriot-Watt University
“The exclusion of employees with Asperger Syndrome
from the Workplace: A critical perspective”

Dr James Richards video


3. Dr Katie Maras, University of Bath
“Implications of autism for the criminal justice system”

Dr Katie Maras video


DAY 2 – 29th April

Opening remarks – Professor Tommy MacKay

Opening Remarks video


Dr David Simmons, University of Glasgow

Dr David Simmons


Scottish Researchers
1. Dr Joe Long, Scottish Autism
“The Value of Practice-Based Evidence: Practitioner
Research at Scottish Autism”
2. Dr Ewelina Rydewska, University of Strathclyde
“Milestones or Simply Next Steps? Perceptions of
Transition to Adulthood for People with Autism Spectrum

Researchers Video


Professor Helen McConachie, Institute of Health and Society,
Newcastle University
“Understanding and overcoming anxiety in ASD”

Professor McConachie Video