An Ordinary Life Too – ‘a publication to give a voice to autistic people in Scotland’

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‘An Ordinary Life Too’ is a document written to give a voice to autistic people in Scotland.


In 2010-2011, members of the Asperger Forum set up originally by the Scottish Autism Service Network (later Autism Network Scotland) were involved in the Adult Autism Health and Wellbeing Project. The project facilitated AS Forum meetings that met in Glasgow, and this group identified topics that were important to their health and wellbeing. The topics were used in the original questionnaire that was circulated to AS Forum members, their contacts and two organisations – ELAS and ARGH.
Notes from the Forum group together with information collated from the questionnaires formed ‘An Ordinary Life’ – a publication to give a voice to autistic people in Scotland. Each chapter was co-written by AS Forum members and an associated professional.


As chapters in the first edition of ‘An Ordinary Life’ were limited to approximately 2000 words, it was not possible to include everyone’s comments on every subject but hopefully ‘An Ordinary Life 2’ (2nd edition) will add to information on the everyday issues facing autistic individuals.
There are many important messages and reflections in Ordinary Life Too. Five years on from our original publication too many of the issues then raised still persist. In this edition we therefore revisit persistent issues, introduce new perspectives and celebrate the achievements of autistic people and their activism in contemporary Scotland.


You can find the PDF of ‘An Ordinary Life Too’ here: