Action on Autism Seminar Series Report Published

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The finals report on the conclusions of the Action on Autism Seminar Series has been published and is now available for download. This series of events was funded by the ScottishGovernment, and featured collaboration between autism researchers, Scottish Autism and Research Autism. The seminars themselves were facilitated by Autism Network Scotland.


Research plays an essential role in providing a rigorous, valid and reliable evidence base for understanding the key features of autism, for exploring effective approaches and interventions, and for evaluating implementation and impact. The purpose of the seminar series was to explore the state of autism research in Scotland in relation to these three functions. Part of this process included defining ‘impact’, considering how evidence supports claims of impact, identifying both research and impact gaps and working together and across disciplines to consider how to maximise impact.
Evaluation of what has been achieved in relation to the aims of the series, has been informed by professional, researcher, parental and autistic comment, seminar discussions and analysis of the filmed record of proceedings. As a first step in dissemination a one-day conference will allow participants to focus on what we know, what we don’t know and how research may be used to inform policy and practices. A continuing networking around research will be facilitated through an online library of all filmed AAR Seminar sessions, learning events and further Scottish Action on Autism Research Conferences.


You can read the full report by clicking here.