Participants Required for Research into People with Asperger’s experience of Advocancy

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Frank Slokan of the National Autistic Society is currently studying on a Social Psychology course delivered by the Open University in Scotland. He is currently seeking participants to assist him in his research:


“As part of this module, I am undertaking a piece of qualitative research around the experiences of accessing advocacy services, by individuals who have a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. The main focus is to find out how useful individuals feel advocacy services to be and if there is a need for better training.


“Participants require to:

  • Engage in a 30 min interview, which will be recorded and transcribed by the researcher.
  • Have a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome
  • Be currently accessing, or have accessed advocacy services
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be available for an interview prior to the 27th of February

Data will be anonymised and then analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Interviews will be held in the Offices of the National Autistic Society Scotland in Hope Street, Glasgow.”


If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact Frank Slokan on



This study has been reviewed and approved by the Open University Ethics Committee