Tips for Preparing your Autistic Child for Hallowe’en

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Halloween is coming and for most children both on and off the autism spectrum this is one of the most highly anticipated days of the year.  Bonnie Arwine has a few simple tips to help your family have a Happy Halloween.


Trick or Treating Tips

  • Trick or treating is exciting no kid wants to stop getting free candy.  Create a schedule ahead of time for your autistic child.  Decide how long you will go trick or treating and when you will stop.
  • Have something positive to go home to, perhaps a favorite snack or surprise gift to celebrate the end of the night.
  • If you have a child with special diet concerns or severe behavioral issues talk to your neighbors ahead of time.  You will be surprised how often neighbors want to help.  Give them the treats your child can eat ahead of time so that your child can go trick or treating.  Let them know about any sensory issues or concerns.


For more helpful tips on Hallowe’en, visit the National Autism resources website.