University Of Edinburgh Survey into Employers’ Attitudes to Autism is Launched

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Sue Fletcher-Watson of the University of Edinburgh and her MSc student, Jiangnan Fu, known as Vivian are investigating the attitudes of employers to autism using an online survey.


They wish to determine whether employers who have experience of autism – perhaps through family experience, or in the workplace, or specific training – have better attitudes to autism and are more likely to employ autistics. They hope the project will highlight the potential of providing autism training or experience to employers as a way to break down the barriers to employment experienced by autistic people.
The survey seeks


1) employers with autism experience, including personal experience (e.g. from home) or professional experience of working with autistic people.




2) employers with little or no knowledge of autism.


“Employer” is taken to mean anyone who regularly (at least once or twice a year) interviews job candidates, at any level or in any sector. The survey will remain open until Friday 4th July.


The survey link is:


Additional information on the study can be found here:


If you have any questions or need further information please don’t hesitate to contact Vivian by email.