Zoe Hunter’s ‘Clueless Clarence’ Now Available to Buy

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Zoe Hunter is an author and mother of an autistic boy. Her first book, ‘Clueless Clarence’, is based on her own knowledge and experiences of autism and is currently available to buy on Amazon.


“It is 2008 and Clarence Upton-Smyth is in the middle of his two sisters he is fifteen going on sixteen. He has ginger hair, wears glasses and at the ages of three he was diagnosed with mild autism. He knows a lot about music, maths, loves anything to do with the paranormal and, his latest interest, poetry. He is fixated on time so he can’t stand it if other people or things make him late for anything. He also hates waste, untidiness, being disorganised and being in small confined spaces and only has a few close friends. He always tells the truth when asked for his own opinions. Clarence has a few confrontations with the school bullies, his neighbour and also there are a few embarassing incidences especially at a one hundredth birthday party, football match, funeral and a wedding. Clarence has always wanted a girlfriend, is this his year for love? And why is 5th April 2007 such a significant date?”


Zoe and Leslie Roberts have also written a series of Video Diaries, in which Calum Brooker plays the character of Clarence. These highly entertaining videos are currently available to view on YouTube and give a brilliant insight into how the character thinks each day. You can view the first video here.