Action on Autism Research in Scotland – Seminar 2 – Clinical Research, Interventions and Impact – February 4th & 5th 2014

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The Scottish ASD Reference Group is developing a Research Strategy for Scotland: the series aims firstly to relate this to international knowledge and current research in Scotland; secondly to mobilise the interest of the Scottish autism research community towards the Scottish ASD Strategy and thirdly to consider the day-to-day impact and potential of autism research on people’s daily lives – families, individuals on the spectrum and the professionals who endeavour to provide support.


An international perspective on the Clinical field of research into autism will show the quality and level of research evidence needed to inform policy direction. Speakers include:

  • Prefessor Helen Tager-Flusberg, University of Boston;
  • Professor Fred Volkmar, USA;
  • Professor Declan Murphy, London;
  • Professor Christopher Gillberg, Sweden.

Their presentations will be complemented by local research and practice presentations: each will be asked to demonstrate such connections through their own research links to policy and practices. International research studies make an enormous contribution to our wider knowledge base and we would like to understand better where Scottish research sits in this picture, where we may be making, or could make, a unique, distinctive or culturally relevant contribution and how this can link to the Scottish policy direction encapsulated in the Scottish Government’s ten year Autism Strategy.


If you would like to attend the Seminars please contact Caroline Marley, Administrator, in the first instance on