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Specialisterne (which is Danish for ‘the specialists’) is a Danish based social enterprise, whose mission is to place adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) into employment, focusing on opportunities in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

They aim to achieve this by engaging with employers and agencies from both the public and private sectors to identify opportunities within the industry and match these to their skilled Specialists (individuals on the spectrum).

Specialisterne UK was founded in 2013 and is a start up social enterprise, which currently has offices in Glasgow and London. They work with a small team of Specialists to deliver projects in software development, data entry, web development and software testing.

They employ a Technical Consultant and an experienced ASD Practitioner to offer on-going support to their Specialists and Employers. They also work closely with ASD services in both Glasgow and London.

Specialisterne specialists all have a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum disorder, or Asperger’s Syndrome. The characteristics frequently associated with these diagnoses are viewed at Specialisterne as abilities rather than disabilities.

Many of their Specialists have exceptional skills in the areas of:


  • Performing complex analytical functions which require a high attention to detail
  • Recognising patterns, and deviation from these patterns
  • Error identification
  • Creativity, originality, and thinking ‘outside of the box’
  • Perseverance and attention to tasks which involve repetition


Their specialists are highly skilled, qualified, experienced and motivated to work, but have frequently experienced social and practical barriers to their engagement in the workplace. Specialisterne UK aims to work with individuals and employers to facilitate the successful engagement of people with ASD in the workplace.

Specialisterne offers a variety of services provided by their specialists, all of whom are on the autism spectrum. These fall into categories of low, intermediate and high complexity:


  • Low complexity – advanced clerical tasks such as data entry and document cleansing.
  • Medium complexity – basic software testing and user acceptance testing.
  • High complexity – advanced software testing and development.


For more information, or to discuss their Services and obtain individual Service Leaflets, please contact Specialisterne using the details below:

Laura Priestley

Robertson House

152 Bath Street

Glasgow, G2 4TB



Tom Brundage

Atlantic House

21 Holborn Viaduct

London, EC1A 2FG