An Invitation to Become a friend of SWAN

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SWAN is the Scottish Women with Autism Network run by women on the autism spectrum, supported by Autism Network Scotland. Our aims are to promote awareness and understanding and to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge with each other, with those in the wider autism community and beyond. SWAN is currently unique, established to fill a perceived gap in autism support provision.


A friend of SWAN may be an organisation or service. You may already be involved in autism-related issues, or perhaps your organisation helps and supports women in some way and may be able to offer a specific service for women with autism.  Your organisation may serve the whole community, and you would like information about how the delivery of your services can impact on women on the spectrum.  Individuals with a special interest in women with autism may also be friends of SWAN.


If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Swan please email us at:


We look forward to hearing from you.