Request for Submission of Life Accounts

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The Scottish Women with Autism Network (SWAN)* which operates under the wing of Autism Network Scotland are seeking to increase understanding of how women and girls on the autism spectrum experience the effects of reproductive hormones in their lives.

In order to do this SWAN are seeking personal accounts written by females on the autism spectrum, around 500 words or so, giving testimony of their experiences and reflections.


SWAN then hopes to go on and publish a collection of these personal accounts and possibly do further work in this area.


If you are a girl or woman with autism, or know of anybody who is, please consider submitting even a brief account, of life experience relating to pivotal times such as puberty, monthly hormone cycles, pregnancy and menopause.


Everything received will be treated in the strictest of confidence and your identity protected.


Please email submissions to and do not hesitate to contact directly if you require any further information.