SWAN publish New Guide for Autistic Women engaging with Health Professionals

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Following the launch of A Guide for Health Professionals Working with Women with Autism, the Scottish Women’s Autism Network (SWAN) in association with Autism Network Scotland, is delighted to announce their second publication:  A guide for women with autism when engaging with health professionals – Advice to help you get the most from your appointment with a GP or consultant.


This is one of a series of leaflets aimed at providing practical support for women and girls with autism. It outlines some common challenges experienced when engaging with health professionals and suggests some potentially helpful strategies.


SWAN was established in August of 2012. It aims to raise awareness of how autism affects females, challenging entrenched misconceptions such as autism being a male-only condition and any perceptions of autism as having one-shape-or-size. To learn more about SWAN visit their online page www.autismnetworkscotland.org.uk/swan/


SWAN would highly appreciate any constructive feedback on this latest information flier. We know that experiences of being on the autism spectrum vary widely and would appreciate your ideas and advice.