Scottish Autism’s Right Click is now Free to Parents & Carers

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Scottish Autism are pleased to announce that access to Right Click, their online parent support programme is now free for parents and carers.


The Right Click programme captures and presents knowledge and experience about autism in an accessible way which allows parents to absorb it in their own time and at their own pace.


Scottish Autism have drawn on the experience of our Autism Support Team as well as that of other professionals from organisations such as the Family Planning Association, Promocon and Sibs, to develop over 50 videos as well as a range of support materials that cover a whole host of topics.


There are two programmes that provide support to parents of young and recently diagnosed children up to around 8 years and to parents of teenagers as we know that this can be an especially challenging time.


“For parents who haven’t tried this programme I would definitely say give it a go. You may know some techniques and tips but if you don’t, it will enable you to be more effective in your child’s life and give them more tools to help empower them in situations they may find very difficult.” Ruth Wood, Right Click Parent.


Register at or contact us at or on 01259 720044 for more information.