Autism: Life in Colour Exhibition to open 6th August in Edinburgh

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The exhibition of the finest photographs submitted as part of the Autism: Life in Colour will open at the Gallery on the Corner in Edinburgh on 6th August.

Autism: Life in Colour aimed to capture the views of people with autism about their lives by inviting them to submit two photographs or video clips, both taken on April 2nd 2013, World Autism Awareness Day.


The purpose of the project is to provide a visual representation of the Scottish Government’s Autism Mapping Project which aims to gain an understanding of what life is like for people with autism throughout Scotland. Autism: Life in Colour will add to this understanding directly through the eyes of the person with autism.


This project is unique in including people of all ages with autism across Scotland.


The exhibition will be hosted by the Gallery on the Corner from 6th to 31st August before touring galleries across the country.