Latest publications from BILD

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British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) books help you keep up to date with good practice, recent policies, current research and ideas and information from people with a learning disability and family carers.

BILD are a UK publisher promoting good support for people with a learning disability. Their books and training materials are aimed at people with a learning disability and people with autism, family carers, support workers and professionals.

Here are the two of the most recent BILD publications in the field of autism.

‘An introduction to supporting people with autistic spectrum conditions’ by Sue Hatton and Tom Boughton

This book provides an introduction to supporting a person with autism. It explains how to work in a person centred way that takes into account the person’s experience of the autistic spectrum. The book explains the difficulties that people with autism might experience with communication, social interaction and imagination as well as their possible sensory needs.


‘Next steps in supporting people with autistic spectrum conditions’ by Sue Hatton and John Simpson

This book provides a more in-depth understanding of the needs of people with autistic spectrum conditions. It explains the current theories about the causes of autism and the diagnostic features of the autistic spectrum. It describes how autism affects people differently, in relation to their communication, social interaction, imagination and sensory understanding. The book explains how to communicate effectively and why it is important to provide person centred support.