The ALLIANCE invites people to share their experience of joined up self-directed support

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The  ALLIANCE ‘Building the Connections’ event in March brought together representatives from across social care, health care and the third sector to discuss the implications of Self-Directed Support within an integrated system. One of the most powerful aspects of the day was hearing from people with direct experience of self-directing their own support and potential opportunities for disabled people if there was a more joined-up approach between health and social care. In discussions with the Scottish Government, the ALLIANCE is now taking forward the learning from the event and beginning to think of creative ways to engage with the health service in progressing this agenda.

The ALLIANCE want to gather the personal experiences of individuals who have experience of receiving support from both health and social care services, either through any options of Self-Directed Support or previous mechanisms that were developed prior to Self-Directed Support being introduced. The ALLIANCE would really appreciate your support in inviting people to share their stories with them either with names or anonymously. This will help them to develop an evidence base to demonstrate to other practitioners the values of joined-up support for individuals.


You can find the survey here. It will take respondents through the areas the ALLIANCE are keen to hear about. The ALLIANCE would welcome responses by the 3rd July.


The ALLIANCE ensures that all information complies with Data Protection procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact Colin Young at to discuss taking this forward.