Training People on the Autistic Spectrum to Be Focus Group Peer Facilitators

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David Breslin is a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome. He runs his own public speaking company – ‘Speaking Literally’, sharing his experiences of living with the syndrome with a wide range of audiences such as educationalists, health workers and voluntary sector staff.

Shirley Young is the parent of two disabled young men. She has 30 years’ experience of developing and delivering training throughout the UK and abroad, to people working in the private, public and voluntary sectors. She is also a qualified Life Coach.

They came together when National Autistic Society Scotland (NAS Scotland) decided to find out what people on the Autistic Spectrum wanted from the Scottish Government’s Autism Strategy. Shirley was commissioned to train David to facilitate focus groups of his peers, which he did very successfully, gathering the views of people on the Autistic Spectrum across Scotland. The outcomes of the workshops are in the NAS Scotland report ‘Count Us In’.

Not only were David’s skills as a facilitator used very effectively to gain people’s views, but by having someone with Asperger’s in this role he modelled a possible self-development/employment opportunity for others.

Breslin and Young are available now to train people on the Autistic Spectrum in your area to become facilitators. This will enable you to establish a ‘bank’ or ‘panel’ of peer facilitators who can be commissioned to carry out consultation with your service users, identified as essential in the Autism Strategy and ‘Count Us In’.

In addition, they will co-facilitate the first focus groups alongside trainees.

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