Edinburgh Autism Plan Consultation Now Underway

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Towards an Edinburgh Autism Strategy

The City of Edinburgh Council already has set out plans for services for people with autism who also have a learning disability. However we have identified that there are significant gaps in provision for people with autism who do not have a learning disability.


To address this, a group of people affected by autism and professionals involved in their support have been meeting.  They have talked about what services and service improvements are needed for children and adults with autism. This is a joint development between the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian. The group has developed a draft plan and identified 5 priority areas.


The 5 priority areas are


  • Development of a care pathway – getting the right services at the right time
  • Housing – better support on housing matters and the right kind of housing
  • Employment – increased support in finding and sustaining employment
  • Individual outcomes – improvements in people’s quality of life
  • Better training / awareness of autism – increased training and awareness of autism in services and for carers.


The plan is about how we can get the right service at the right time to promote the independence and resilience of people with autism and their carers. It considers the needs of adults, young people moving into adult services, and children.  You can download and read the Towards an Edinburgh Autism Strategy.


For further information, please visit the City of Edinburgh Council website by clicking here.