Scottish Autism’s Artists Exhibition opens in Hamilton

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An art exhibition by Scottish Autism’s Hamilton group opened to the public on Saturday 9 March 2013 in the beautiful Low Parks Museum, Hamilton.

A group of talented young adults with autism – who are supported by Scottish Autism – have been taking part in art therapy sessions at the charity’s base in Hamilton Towers. Their impressive range of work is on display at the beautiful Low Parks Museum in Hamilton for two weeks commencing 15 April.


Art therapy helps individuals with autism in many ways: encouraging many that have significant artistic talent; encouraging personal bonding; improving the ability to imagine and think symbolically and improving the ability to recognise and respond to facial expressions. It also helps to improve the ability to manage sensory issues (such as tactile problems) and helps to develop fine motor skills.


Art therapy is offered in many of Scottish Autism’s service areas and is predominately funded by donations.


Debra McElwee (Autism Practitioner at Scottish Autism) says “Our group has put such a lot of work into this and is really exciting to have their art on public display. We want as many people as possible to come along and enjoy it!”


“They get an immense amount out of the art therapy course, magnificently supported by Tracey Kelly – Art Therapist – who puts 110% into everything she does with them. A big thank you to her, our artists and everyone involved in this fantastic project!”