CLICK-EAST Seeking Testers for New IPad App for Children with Autism

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The CLICK-EAST project – ‘Computer-based Learning in Children: the Edinburgh Autism Social-attention Trial’ – is a research study which has developed a new iPad App for children with autism, designed to help them learn and practice basic social and communication skills in a fun way.


The project is divided into two main stages.  The first stage was about developing the game, and was completed in March 2012. The second stage is testing whether it is a successful learning aid for children with autism. The Click-East team are now looking for volunteers to help test their new application.

Sue Fletcher-Watson is a psychologist and project leader of a research team based at the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian.  The team are about to start Stage Two of their project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation  They hope to work with 60 families with a young child with an ASD. The families will receive a number of assessments in addition to their usual care and will take part in a trial of a new educational iPad app.  The game has been carefully designed, with the help of professionals who work with children with ASD, and parents of young children with ASD, to fit in to family life and to be enjoyable for the child.


If you have a child with autism, aged between 1 and 6 years old, you might consider getting involved.  Click-East expect that the study will have a real impact on our understanding of children with ASDs and their learning needs.


There are a number of potential benefits for families who sign up.  They will receive a detailed report on their child’s assessments including details of their strengths and needs, language and general ability.  This may be of help to the child’s clinical team, any therapists they see, and to teachers when the child in question starts school.  In addition, it is hoped the game will have positive effects on children’s social and language learning.


While no payment is available for families, Click-East can refund any travel costs resulting from taking part.  You do not need to own an iPad, or have an internet connection, to take part. Click-East will lend you an iPad with the game loaded-up, for the duration of the study which will help improve treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders.


If you are interested in finding out more, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact


Tel. 0131 651 6356   Email:


Getting in touch does not mean you are committed to taking part – you will be sent some more information and discuss the project before you decide whether to sign up. For more information, click here.