University of Strathclyde’s Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate/MSc in Autism now accepting applications.

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The University of Strathclyde is now accepting applications for its Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate/MSc in Autism.


The University’s multi-professional programme in Autism is a first in Scotland. It supports and promotes appropriate and effective practice and is open to a range of health, care and education professionals working in the field of autism.

Participants on the Certificate programme undertake three compulsory modules, plus an independent study, option or elective module.


At Diploma stage, participants undertake one further compulsory module, along with three others taken from the option or elective menu. Those interested in continuing to Master’s level undertake the module Methods of Professional Enquiry.


Teachers can enter the programme either by transferring from the Educational Support programme after completing the three core modules on that programme, or by entry directly onto the Autism programme.


The Autism programme as a whole is not part of the National Training Framework for training for Special Educational Needs, as the course is offered to a range of professionals. However, the module Raising Awareness of Autism is offered within the framework.


More information about the course, including how to apply, can be found here.