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“Autism Radio™ is a Non Profit Organization that is committed to making a difference in the Autism Community. Our Mission is to improve the lives of the individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their friends and families, who struggle to understand, treat, care for, and help find a cure for their loved one.

Autism Radio™ is dedicated to raising public awareness about Autism, and helping individuals, families, and society cope with struggles of this disorder. Our mission is to raise funds and distribute them to families in need who are dealing with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are committed to raising the funds necessary to support these goals.

Hope Saves The Day™ is a multimedia interactive open forum dealing with Autism broadcasted internationally. We intend to provide information to the public about autism and related topics and provide an interactive network for the community. We are an unbiased weekly broadcast that is published on the internet.”

AutismOne Radio, Autism Radio and Autism Radio UK are all autism-specific radio stations which focus on a wide range of topics and interest areas in the field of ASD. All radio stations aim to bring down the social barriers faced by many people with ASD and address common problems and questions in the community of ASD. You can listen to the most recent podcasts on their websites by clinking on the links below:

AutismOne Radio

Autism Radio

Autism Radio UK